Amamede na Europeia de Bruges 2010

25/05/2010 00:29


 In his sculptures,  amamede employs abstraction as a language, using a range of materials: wood, glass, and even metal, joined together using plaster or bolted stainless steel bars.  Pieces of wood, sometimes in their raw form (as nature conceived them) comprise the basis for most of his sculptures, organising forms of great simplicity and a certain roughness which is attenuated but not hidden by the glass or metal. The sculpture’s structure is thus created by combining natural elements (wood) with synthetic ones (glass, metal and plaster). The aim is to achieve a certain ambiguity, arising from the contrast between the roughness of unprocessed wood or stone sculpted by nature, and the perfection of the glass or stainless steel highlighting it. With the duplicity suggested by this juxtaposition of the natural and the synthetic, the artist seeks to construct the human in anthropomorphic sculptures or items suggestive of biological life.

Amamede’s sculptures are available at the Albuquerque e Lima Gallery and can be viewed in the catalogue or on LCD at the registered offices of the Company.