Cubitus - amamede´s sculpture

Cubitus - amamede´s sculpture


Cork oak and glass Sculpture 

70 cm


In this sculpture the artist employs abstraction as a language, using different materials: cork oak and glass joined together using plaster and metal. Just like the two bones of the forearm, the pieces of cork oak, in their raw state, constitute the basis of the sculpture, giving rise to forms of great simplicity and a certain roughness which is attenuated but not hidden by the glass. The sculpture’s structure is thus created by combining natural elements (cork oak) with synthetic ones (glass, metal and plaster) suggesting intrusive memories and challenging feelings based on the two simple wooden forms, resting on a base made of the same material, held in place by the other materials. The aim is to achieve a certain ambiguity, arising not only from the contrast between the roughness of unprocessed cork oak and the smoothness of glass, but also from the exploration of the condition of inert materials which, combined, evoke a sculptural structure which is suggestively humanoid in form (Cubitus).


Esta obra pertence ao catálogo de escultura da Galeria da Albuquerque e Lima e pode ser adquirida na referida galeria de arte.

Do autor:       Quem Somos

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