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Hello dear Friend of Art:

 It is my pleasure to announce our Fiarte/Arteuropa 
 If you are interested to participate please have a look at the conditionsand send your works. 
Any comments, questions and suggestions are welcome! 
With my best wishes from Coimbra. 
            Mamede Albuquerque

Sculptures - luís albuquerque´s prints on paper



Prints on paper



Artwork combining details of a sculpture project which the artist photographed and subsequently manipulated by computer, resulting in this three-dimensional composition, an expression of digital art.


This item is contained in the catalogue of the Albuquerque e Lima Gallery, where it is available for purchase.


Trabalho realizado através da combinação de pequenos elementos escultóricos de um projecto de escultura que, depois de fotografados pelo autor, foram por ele manipulados no computador  até à obtenção da composição tridimensional que constitui uma expressão de arte digital


Este trabalho pertence ao catálogo da Galeria da Albuquerque e Lima e pode pode ser adquirido na refrida galeria de arte.


Do autor:       Quem Somos


luis albuquerque (Luís Filipe Lima Albuquerque) was born in 1983.

He is a student at the Escola Universitária de Artes de Coimbra [Coimbra University College of Arts] and has been devoted to painting since 2000.

Since 2004 his work has been regularly exhibited at the Albuquerque e Lima Gallery, where he is a resident artist. 

in Myths of Art - an anthology of contemporary Portuguese painters - Chiado Editora 2009

Luis Albuquerque’s paintings and photographs are available at the Albuquerque e Lima Gallery and can be viewed in the catalogue or on LCD at the registered offices of the Company (see contact information).